Present, in the Europe of the Future is a creative space for debate, open to all, but especially for those involved with artistic practice and authorship.

Present, in the Europe of the Future is part of EUbyLakes project, funded by Europe For Citizens programme. The initiative is organised as an Open University for co-creation, share of views, development of ideas and mutual learning. The Open University is organised on to six disciplines. First session from May 9th to May 30th is on-line. The next sessions will be organised by the six most beautiful lakes of Europe according to the same participative, creative and imaginative model, open to all!

Present, in the Europe of the Future opens the wider two years debate about the Future of Europe and is inaugurated in the Day of Europe of 2020.

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Present, in the Future of Europe

May 9th / June 6th 2020

Virtual Artistic Residence


Present, in the Europe of the Future open university is for all. The participants are expected to deliver a creative work, artistic or authored, on one of the six disciplines.

Special prizes are granted to the best works following a voting process open to all participants.

All authorship and artistic disciplines are welcome: dancing, writing, singing, screenwriting, painting, play writing, performing, desiging, illustrating, sculping among many other possibilities.

Participants are expected to follow the lectures and debates organised for the six disciplines and use it as source of inspiration.

Creative pieces and works are expected to be presented on-line for voting and permanent exhibition.

Participants are encourage to follow an artistic virtual residence format under which common work and on-line discussion among authors is favoured.

All copywrite is entirely and perpetually kept to the participants authoring the works.

Participation details and systems will be delivered to the participants upon registration.

Any additional question please fell free to contact us

Artwork Criteria

Please download the full submission rules for the artworks here




Present, in the Europe of the Future – Open University

“Present, in the Europe of the Future” is a virtual academy is a forward-looking space for discussion, creativeness, debate, debate, awareness and understanding of EU, within an informal, horizontal and participant-led conversations.

“Present, in the Europe of the Future” is a three weeks virtual residence for registered participants (up to 100).

The participants are called to actively work, in group or alone, on an artwork related to: Democracy, Cohesion, Equality, Climate Neutrality, Biodiversity, Digital Innovation.

Discussion with will be supported by academic experts, moderators and facilitators as well as inspirational addresses.

A final artwork of any format is presented on-line and open to voting by fellow participants. For each thematic three prizes are awarded: for first prize 250€; for second and third 125€.

An awarding ceremony for the most voted artworks will be held May 30th. An opening live show will feature opening addresses from participants, partners and renowned artists.

Open calls

& Artists

We are looking for musicians, performers and authors of all ages, willing to share their art, to inspire and be inspired!

Take part in an on-air university experience: you will take part in webinars, live performances and online working sessions about interesting European topics, such as Democracy, Cohesion, Equality, Climate Neutrality, Biodiversity, Digital Innovation and much more.

Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and show the world your artistic take on Europe. You might even be awarded for your effort, your passion and your talent!

What are you waiting for?

Share with us an Idea for Europe – a initiative, a project, a programme, an institution, a network, a process, a framework, a standard, etc. – that your fellow participants could work with, debate and comment during this “Open-air/On-air University”.


Criteria & Submission

The participants are select via a pan-European open call that will assure the multidisciplinary and multinational composition of the modules’ group, balancing the following selection criteria: age range, educational level, nationality, place of living, gender and expertise.

If you are an artist, author, a creator or cultural activist, and do you want to take part in a three-week on-air debate about European values, fill in the form.

Artwork Criteria

Please download the full submission rules for the artworks here


What you win
Cash prizes

For each category there will be one grand prize winner, and two runners up will be selected.

  • 1st prize: 250€, the most voted on each thematic!
  • 2nd prize: 125€, for the second voted in each thematic!
  • 3rd prize: 125€, for the third voted in each thematic!

The winners will be chosen through the vote of all participating authors and artist.

Artwork awarding specifics

  • The artwork can be of any art form (visual, audio, etc.), it can be shareable online and must have been created by the artist.
  • The artwork can be inspired by the virtual residence debates about the future of Europe, or be an interpretation of the European values discussed during the debates.
  • The artwork can be either recent or older, as long as it was made by the participant.

Key dates

  • 2nd June: deadline to submit artworks.
  • Voting starts 4th of June and is open untill the 5th of June, 12 PM CET
  • 6th June final award ceremony

Award Ceremony

Announcement & diploma

The first winers will receive a cash prize and all the participants will get a certificate, delivered by ISG (Instituto Superior de Gestão), with the hours, thematics and ECTS credits. ECTS Credits (given in the end of overall EUbyLakes project corresponding after verification of interaction period and academic evaluation) for the interested students.

In the end of the EUbyLakes “Present, in the Europe of the Future” there will be a online cerimony for the prizes and diplomas.



José Calixto

Mayor of Reguengos de Monsaraz and President of ADRAL

José Calixto is the Mayor of Reguengos de Monsaraz and President of ADRAL, Alentejo Development Agency and leads the European network of wine cities. José holds a postgraduate degree in European Studies from the University of Coimbra, postgraduate in Management, from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the degree in Economics from the University of Évora. José is holding political leadership of implementation of Committee of the Regions’ REGHUB Pilot in Alentejo, one of the 20 European pilot regions in the period 2019-2021.


Marcos António Nogueira

Project coordinator

Social democrat, regional diplomat, EU affairs practitioner, ecologist, engineer, public-service enthusiast, mathematical modeller, programme designer, amateur screenwriter, ocean skipper. IrRADIARE founder, network leader, Representative of Alentejo in Brussels. Portuguese and European.


Riccardo Venchiarutti

nEUlakes, Director

Riccardo Venchiarutti is an Italian journalist and politician, President of the VIST LAKE ISEO association. Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, he began his journalistic career in young age as a collaborator of most important Italian newspapers. Riccardo has graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of the University of Bergamo. He was President of the Italian Tourism Journalists (Gist) for two terms. In 1994, together with the Nobel Prize winner Franco Modigliani, Riccardo Venchiarutti founded ISEO (Institute of Studies on Economics and Employment), of which is vice president. Riccardo Venchiarutti was the Mayor of the Iseo Municipality twice.

Speakers / Moderators


Vladyslava Zavhorodnia

Sumy State University, UKRAINE

Vladyslava Zavhorodnia is a head of the Department of International, European, and Civil Law in Sumy State University, academic coordinator of the project “Enforcement of European Union Values in Ukraine” Erasmus+ Programme, Jean Monnet Module She also works for Ukrainian National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance as an expert on the accreditation of higher education programs in Law and International Law. Vladyslava studied law in Yaroslav Mudriy National Law Academy of Ukraine, Kharkiv (1994-1999). In 2001 she became a postgraduate student in V. M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, and received PhD in Law in 2004. In 2019-2020 she participated in the Baltic University Teachers course on Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education. The research interests lie in the field of Environmental Law, International and European Law, value-based education, and education for sustainable development.


Oksana Zamora

Sumy State University, UKRAINE

Oksana Zamora holds a PhD in regional economics and is an associate professor of the Department of International Economics of Sumy State University. The research interests lay in the fields of: project management, international development of the HEIs and SMEs; democracy and its alternatives; cross border cooperation, state and regional administration; non-formal methods of education. She has 5 years of experience as a head of the International projects sector of the International Cooperation Office of the Sumy National Agrarian University; 11 years of experience in the third sector and development/implementation of international projects, in particular, funded by the EC, FAO, CEI and EBRD. Ms. Zamora has completed the postgraduate education in the field of "Management of projects funded by the EU within the financial perspective 2014-2020" (Lodz University of Computer Science and Art, Poland). In 2013 she was awarded a scholarship of the Polish Committee for UNESCO, funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland.


Eleni Feleki

URBACT Lead Expert

Eleni Feleki has been responsible for drafting, facilitating, leading, implementing and transferring the results of more than 40 transnational EU projects, most of them dealing with the topic of sustainable urban development. Apart from her thematic expertise gained through her participation in these projects she has also developed considerable experience in designing and delivering transnational exchange and learning activities and in designing and delivering integrated urban policies.

Eleni has studied Chemical Engineering and she holds a 5 years diploma from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2019, she obtained her PhD, in the field of urban sustainability from the same academic institution.

From 1999-2012 she has been a senior consultant in the EUROCONSULTANTS SA and appointed expert in the Czech Republic (in the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.


Reyes Alejano Monge

University of Huelva, SPAIN

Reyes Alejano Monge is a Pro- Vice Chancellor of Internationalization of the University of Huelva. She holds a PhD in Forestry Engineer ( 1997), and is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Huelva since 1996. Her specialization is Silviculture and Sustainable Forest Management, and she has been developing two main research topics. Reyes has participated in more than 20 Internacional Conferences. She did short research stays at the University of Berkeley (USA), at the Department of Ecology and Conservation of the Southwestern Australia Government, and at the University of Tucson (Arizona) where been main researcher of a Cooperation Project with Chile and Bolivia (funded by AECID) about Sustainable Forest Management in those áreas, and, together with the Institute Jane Goodall Spain and a local ONG.


Paulo Novais

University of Minho and ALGORITMI Centre, PORTUGAL

Paulo Novais, Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Informatics, the School of Engineering, the University of Minho (Portugal) and a researcher at the ALGORITMI Centre

Paulo Novais is a Full Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Informatics, the School of Engineering, the University of Minho (Portugal) and a researcher at the ALGORITMI Centre in which he is the leader of the research group ISLab - Synthetic Intelligence lab, and the coordinator of the research line Computer Science and Technology (CST). He started his career developing scientific research in the field of Intelligent Systems/Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, his interests are related to Ambient Intelligence/Ambient Assisted Living, Behavioural Analysis and the embedding of AI methods and techniques in these fields. His main research aims is to make systems a little smarter, intelligent and also reliable. He is the co-author of over 400 book chapters, journal papers, conference and workshop papers and books. Former president of APPIA (the Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence) between 2016 and 2019, and active member of several associations (IEEE, IFIP, IBERAMIA). He is also the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Gulbenkian Scholarship Program “New Talent in Artificial Intelligence”.


Tea Laitimo

Liaison Director, Municipality of Imatra, FINLAND

Tea Laitimo graduated from Linköping University as Business Administrator. She works in Municipality of Imatra as Liaison Director. Imatra is a town located in South-Eastern Finland, next to EU- and Russian border. Tea has a long experience in Cross border and transnational projects and activities. She is responsible for international connections, project development, implementation and networking as well as she is a member in a strategic development team. Tea has participated in ERASMUS + projects and encourages everybody to be active in EU.


Luís Loures

Landscape Architect (Ph.D.) and Professor, ESAE Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre

Born in 1982, Luís Loures, a proud father of a three years old boy, is a Landscape Architect and Agronomic Engineer, Vice-President of the Polytechnic University of Portalegre, who holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences Planning and a Postdoc in Agronomy. Since he graduated, he has taught in several Universities including University of Toronto, Michigan State University, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, University of Algarve, University of Perugia, among others, mainly regarding the fields of landscape architecture, urban and environmental planning and sustainability and climate smart adaptation.


Anabela Caeiro

Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz

Anabela Caeiro works at the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz (Alentejo, Portugal) where she is responsible for International Relations. Anabela holds a Master degree in Educational Science from the University of Evora. She has relevant experience in the international relation as being in project management in several European networks. Anabela is also responsible for project proposal development under National and European Structural funds.


Ruth Salas Herrero

Mayoral Coordinator, Manzanares El Real

Ruth Salas Herrero graduate in Business Administratiion by University Nebrija. She is working at municipality of Manzanares El Real in local development since 2007, being responsible for the serch founds at regional or national, coordinating employment plans, municipal investments or cultural event management. Since 2015, Ruth is responsible for European projects and international relations.


Stéphanie Court-Fortune Weibel

Vice-President Community of Communes of Lac d'Aiguebelette

After a university course in human sciences, her humanist culture, her interest for his rural territory and her passion for art led her to get involved in different cross-border cooperation projects using methodologies and collective intelligence tools. Convinced by the added value of Europe in the daily lives of citizens, Stéphanie campaigns and works to make Europe's contributions a concrete reality for everyone. Stéphanie is at the initiative of the involvement of her territory in European programming.


Veronique Morel

Professor of Marketing for Grenoble Management School

Veronique Morel has been working for more than 20 years in the consumer goods industry with various responsibilities in the consumer research and marketing fields. She’s now professor of marketing in Grenoble Management School, and consultant for private companies as well as associations and territorial communities in marketing and collective intelligence, and has recently been elected at a local communal level.


Panu Kärri

Marketing director, City of Imatra

Graduate in bachelor of humanities from Mikkeli polytechnic. Worked in digital marketing for 8 years. Currently responsible of digital marketing campaigns for the city of Imatra. Actor, stand up comedian and an event produced for 16 years.


Theodoros Naziridis

General Coordinator, Lake Kerkini Management Authority, Greece

Theodoros Naziridis graduated from the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from which he received his Ph.D. He has worked on various research projects on the avifauna of the Kerkini wetland area and the conservation of the protected area. For the last 25 years he has been working as the Coordinator of the Kerkini Wetland Information Center and then as the General Coordinator of the Lake Kerkini Management Authority.


Valentina Russo

Policy Officer, Alentejo EU office

Valentina Russo is working at Alentejo EU office in Brussels as a Policy Officer from January 2019 where she is in charge of analysing and monitoring of EU research and Innovation Policies. She has a solid background in International Relation with a specific focus on Local Development with a master’s degree from University of Padua. She also followed Global Development Studies at University of Groningen (Netherlands) as an exchange student. Valentina’s interests are focus on regional development ,international relations, and interdisciplinary studies. Her main area of expertise is related to scanning information regarding EU policies, programme and funding, namely, those respecting to sustainable development of cities and regions. Besides several volunteer activities in the third sector, Valentina worked as a social educator in a social community care centre leading several group activities.


Paula Peiró García

Project Manager, ISG University and IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Paula Peiró García works at IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution since 2013, in collaboration with ISG University, Lisbon. She works as Project manager, in the international department of European funding programs, such as: H2020, Interreg and Erasmus + among others. She participated in a TEMPUS project “Inter-university Start-up centers for students’ innovations development & promotion”. Paula holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration by the University of Valencia (2008-2013).


Mónica Rogério

Communication & Project Management, CEEETA-ECO and IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Mónica Rogério has a degree in Audiovisual & Multimedia by the University of Social Communication (Lisbon). Cooperantes with IrRADIARE and CEEETA-ECO in Communication and Project Management . Monica has relevant experience in communication design, UX and UI design as in different edition tools, performs communication activaties of IrRADIARE and CEEETA-ECO projects and events throught EU. Her main interest are related to communication and enhacing user experience.


Kamila Olchowicz

Project Developer, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Kamila Olchowicz holds bachelor degree of European studies focused on global market business, administration of EU programs and mass communication by Gdansk University of Technology. She holds master degree of International management and economy, also by the same University. Kamila works at IrRADIARE, Science of Evolution since 2014 as project developer in European findings as well as performing communication activates of IrRADIARE’s projects and events through EU.


David Luz

Senior Developer, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

David Luz works as Senior Developer at IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution, holding a Diploma in technical specialization in information systems programming from the Polytechnic institute of Setúbal. As Senior Developer, David is well established in the IT field, working over a number of digital platforms in a variety of creative areas, including making use of IoT and bigdata to develop solutions to solve a vast variety of problems, encircling ICT, SmartCities, co creation, co development, energy management, waste management, and plentiful others areas.


Elsa Ferreira Nunes

Managing Partner, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Elsa Nunes is Managing Partner at IrRADIARE where she also works as a project manager. At IrRADIARE, Elsa has been in charge of several projects in diversified fields such as creative industries, social innovation, green and innovative procurement, among others. Her main interests are related to communication, social media, management and education. Before IrRADIARE, she worked in adult education and training both as trainer and training manager . Elsa has also worked at the Portuguese institute that supports SME (IAPMEI) where she was in charge in two different programmes, related to young entrepneurship .Elsa has a Master Degree in Sociology, by ISCSP, UTL –Lisbon.


Sofia Martins

Project Manager, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

With a degree in Environmental Engineering,Sofia started her professional journey in energy regulation. She has participated in environmental and energy project management, environmental and sustainability reporting and national and international project management fields of Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability. Sofia works at IrRADIARE, Lda since March 2007, being involved in the application of support systems for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability monitoring, management and planning. She also performs activities in energy management buildings, process and product, national and European project management, in the fields of internationalization, innovation and development.


Inês Silva

Project Manager, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Inês Silva holds Master in Environmental Engineering from the University of Aveiro, focusing on the area of CO2 emissions balance in urban areas. She has been working in energy management with IrRADIARE since 2008. More recently, Ines has been involved in research activities in the field of energy performance management and energy consumption trends and CO2 emissions. She has also been working in urban planning and planning of sustainable energy actions for regional and urban areas.


Flávia Duarte

Project Manager, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Flávia Duarte is Project Manager at IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution from 2010 where she defines, develops and manage the projects, build its comprehensive work plan and manage the budget. Flávia has her post graduation from Institute of Labor and Enterprise Science and degree from Lisbon Polytechnics of Accountancy and Administration. She has been participating in the development of innovative products in what regards technology transfer. She has also participated both in European and national projects being responsible by its full accomplishment in what concerns the tasks proposed.


Cátia Morgado

Project Developer, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Cátia Morgado has graduated from Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. She holds Master degree in Geology, with specialization in stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology. Since July 2018, Cátia Morgado is collaborating with IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution in the areas of land use planning, in connection with sustainability.


Rui Pedro Henriques

Technology Director, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Rui Pedro Henriques is Technology Director at IrRADIARE. He works in the areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing on collaborative networks. Rui Pedro Henriques has worked in buildings energy optimization. He has been working on air quality monitoring, where he developed the core and web modules for use and dissemination of results of atmospheric dispersion. Rui has also worked in research and development solutions for consolidation and optimization of the supply chain of biomass using GIS information.


Chiara Ruzzier

Project Consultant, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Chiara Ruzzier has a French-Italian Master's Degree in European Carreers and International Relation. Her interests fall under the field of international cooperation, Erasmus+ projects, music and culture.

She operated in a microcredit company in Iringa, Tanzania, to empower local farm holders and participated to a large number of Erasmus+ projects about peacekeeping, conflict resolution and storytelling around Europe. She worked in both Bordeaux, France and Lisbon, Portugal in organisations promoting youth mobility. She participated in the creation and organisation of the Isimila Festival of Music, Art and Culture in Tanzania and a is currently an active member of the cultural association Sirigaita in Lisbon, PT.


Andrea Gioseffi

Project Consultant, IrRADIARE, Science for Evolution

Andrea is a freelance grant writer and project manager assistant for EU funding programmes, from Erasmus+ and Europe for Citizens to Interreg Europe and H2020. He works supporting civil society organisation and local authorities by providing tailor-made approach, targeted on the specific needs of the partners involved. Andrea areas of expertise are social innovation, promotion of citizen participation and sustainable development, mainly in rural areas.


13th of May

Democracy e-Module

~ ~ ~

// please note: CET timezone


Welcome and Introduction

Valentina Russo, Policy officer, Alentejo EU Office
Marcos Nogueira, nEULakes project leader


Lecture on democracy

Vladyslava Zavhorodnya, Head of the Department of International, European, and Civil Law, Sumy State University


Debate and Q&A with the participants


Final Remarks


>> break


Introduction & open, horizontal discussion among participants

Anabela Caeiro, Representing the project partner Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz