About the project

EU by Lakes

EUbyLakes capitalise on the success factors of the EC Summer School (SummerCEmp) organised in Reguengos de Monsaraz on August 2019, and continue the conversation across the Union, designing a talking path divided into six Modules and a final Lakathon. The firsts three Modules examines the pillars of future Europe: Democracy, Cohesion, Equality. The seconds move on analysing the drivers of its sustainability: Climate Neutrality, Biodiversity, Digital Innovation. The last event is the Lakathon, a creative marathon to wrap-up the Modules learnings and to develop new ideas to shape the Europe of the Future.

The Open-Air University set near six of the most beautiful European lakes: it starts alongside Alqueva (PT) and goes to Santillana (ES), Aiguebelette (FR), lseo (IT), Kerkini (EL) and Saimaa (FI) and ends back in Portugal.

Each Module is a five-day retreat that involves 65 participants among local stakeholders, artists, authors and citizens selected with a call-for-participants open to all. The selection criteria create a highly diverse group of participants, involving people from +7 countries and ensuring distinct perspectives join in into the debate.

On one side, design-thinking workshops, participant-led debates and non-hierarchical approach ensure a transformative learning experience in which each participant feel important and free to express him/her opinion. On the other side, public conferences and a Q&A session at the presence of the local press and the wider public, at the beginning and at the end of the events, introduce the project and disseminate the results of the Module and the lessons learned.

With lakesides background and contact with nature, informal learning activities and participant-led conversations, EUbyLakes (1) promotes forward-looking discussions on the future of Europe (2) increases participants' knowledge and understanding of EU, (3) contributes to citizens' awareness of EU, (4) establishes a permanent Open-Air University by Lakes.


Meet the landscapes

Lake Alqueva

Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal

Lake Santillana

Manzanares el Real, Spain

Lake Iseo

Brescia and Bergamo, Italy

Lake Saimaa

Imatra, Finland

Lake Kerkini

Kerkini, Greece

Lake Aiguebelette

Aiguebelette-le-Lac, Attignat-Oncin, Ayn, Dullin, Gerbaix, Lépin-le-Lac, Marcieux, Nances, Novalaise, St-Alban de Montbel, France